Phone Call To An Interested Prospect


Hi, can I speak to …………………………………………… please

Hi ……………………….., I received your email saying you are interested in the Kleeneze venture.

Did you understand how the Kleeneze business concept works.

I’ll just go through it again with you so its clear to you, is that alright?

So what you can do is get a batch of the Kleeneze catalogues and pass them out to friends and family and post them through letterboxes of houses where you live. Collect them back in the next day and put them back out to some more houses. This will produce a batch of orders for the products. At the same time we’ll show you how to join groups online and get orders for products that way as well.

You then go onto the Kleeneze website and order the products, you don’t have to pay upfront for the products you just order them and they are delivered to your house 2 days later.

You then deliver the products to your customers and collect in the money. Now lets say you had £200 worth of orders, you would keep 21% of that £200 which is £42 cash, and you send the rest to Kleeneze. You keep on repeating this process and build it up to where you could be getting 36% commission on your orders. Some people are making over £3000 a month just by doing this.

If it’s an online order you might want to drop ship it straight to the customer so once they’ve paid for it you arrange for Kleeneze to deliver it anywhere in the UK.

Now the best side to Kleeneze is finding other agents for them, you see Kleeneze has about 12,500 agents in the UK, Avon has 175,000. The growth potential in the UK is massive. The more agents there are, the more profit is available to you, me and the company.

Now what they have done since 1990 is let any agent recruit their friends, family or neighbours, now these agents deal direct with the company. All we have to do is teach them how to make Kleeneze work.  Deliver catalogues and process the orders, it is really easy. Now the best bit is that Kleeneze pays you between 6% to 16% of their orders depending on how big your team is and the company emails you a report of their sales every week.

Now because your team can grow very large over time the income from it can be considerable, did you understand that from the circles bit of the video.? You can get recruits first of all by sending them the video link. Don’t worry about this as we have a simple system to follow that explains everything. When you have got someone who is interested I’ll help you get them going. In fact we are here every step of the way to guide you as you get started.

Now as it was mentioned several times on the video, Kleeneze is your own little business but it doesn’t cost much to start.

To earn money fast you need our 250 Catalogue kit, this contains everything you need to get off to the best start. This kit costs £99, or you can pay this in installments with a small outlay of £25 then the rest of the money comes from your profits however it will cost you £26 more to take advantage of the installment plan. With a total outlay of £125.

Which option would you prefer?

Have you got any questions?

Right as you are interested the next thing to do is send a link to your email address for you to fill out the application and then we’ll arrange to meet up for a coffee / Skype each other (Distance) and go into more details.

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