Online Retail Startup Guide


Send your upline a friend request

2. Watch the video’s (especially video 5 – Set up your group) on

3. Set up your group. Only add your upline to start with so they can check settings etc.

4. Make upline an admin

5. Create a good description that shows your personality and gives a bit of info about why you’ve got started in business.

For example: Hi my names Oliver, Welcome to my group! I’m a stay at home Dad. I’ve started this new online venture working it around my two children, hopefully to earn some pennies for extra treats like swimming and dancing lessons… for the kids, not me! I’m looking forward to bringing you some great products at fantastic prices, all service with a smile. Check out the full range here and let me know what you’d like… If there’s anything in particular your looking for give me a shout! Cheers! Oliver X

6. Learn how to use the stock checker and check products before posting.

7. Add at least 10 product posts.


8. Add friends and family! All of them!

9. Send each friend you add a private message to welcome them to the group.

For example: Hi Sandra, How are You? You’ll be glad to know that I’ve added you to my new group [insert group name]. Welcome! I’ve just started a new online business and would really appreciate your support. You’ll see that we have got amazing products! Here is more of the range; If you’d like to order something then just message me, it’d really help me out and get me off to a flying start. Also if you could like, comment on a few posts and add some friends into the group I’d be very grateful. Cheers! Oliver. x

10. Refer back to the videos on (especially video 3 – Creating and Posting)

11. Download useful apps such as ‘pic collage’ and the facebook ‘groups’ app.

12. Join some groups! Go easy… request to join 5 per day until you’ve built up.

To earn £50 per week you need to post 2 products into 30 groups per day

To earn £100 per week you need to post 2 products into 60 groups per day

To earn £150 per week you need to post 2 products into 90 groups per day

13. When posting into external buying and selling groups remember to add to your description; “For more great idea’s search for [group name].”


If you kinda do it, it’ll kinda work.

If you really do it, it’ll really work!

14. Speak to your upline daily. Run all idea’s past them. They will be able to keep you on track and teach you the next follow on steps from this such as interaction posts, games and competitions, qualifying for freebies with the reward program and team building.