3 Steps To A Fast Start

1. We need to communicate with you

When you start any new venture you have to be ready to study & practice. We have a proven system that your sponsor (the person who you joined with) will guide you through step by step. A major key to your success is 'plugging into the system'. Keeping in touch is crucial, so make sure you download Skype and send your sponsor a friend request. You will need to know their Skype name.



2. Set Up Your Facebook Selling Group

Work through the videos below IN ORDER to set up and start selling on line.

Open three internet browsers

  1. 1. One to watch the short training videos - CLICK HERE
  2. 2. One with your Facebook account open
  3. 3. Another to access your webshops

Play/pause the videos as you work through them.

Contact your sponsor for support if necessary.



3. Fast Track Your Way To Success

 You should now have your Facebook group online with a couple of products already live. Congratulations you are now in business.



Completing steps 1 & 2 should only take about 1 hour